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My eBook 'Getting Started with Escorts' gives you:

  • An introduction to the benefits of seeing escorts.
  • Essential etiquette for contacting and meeting sex professionals safely.
  • Expert advice so you can avoid the mistakes often made by first-time clients.

Meet Georgie.

Hi, I'm Georgie! I've been an escort for more than ten years, and I've helped my clients have incredible sexual adventures.

But I've also learned that a lot of guys are missing out. Through shame, anxiety, or not knowing how to behave, it's easy to waste your money on unsatisfying sessions.

My free guide 'Getting Started with Escorts' is your crash course in fun, relaxed encounters with sex professionals. It's easy, once you know how!

What's in the guide?


Why escorts are the right choice

Sizzling hot sex, cuddles, or conversation? Let's talk about why escorts are a great option.


Where to find us

I'll show you how to find a reliable sex professional who can give you what you need.


How to arrange a booking

Learn how to plan a session and contact an escort correctly.


What to expect on your date

I'll describe what happens during a sex work booking, so you feel confident on your big day.


How to deal with feelings

Feeling down the day after? Got a crush? Feelings are okay...once you know how to manage them.

"A great, readable guide to the escort experience. Good for nervous first-timers, but also a really useful brush-up and reminder for the more experienced."

— Anonymous reader


You don't have to figure it out alone.

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